How To Save Money – 52 Week Challenge

Every year I promise myself I would save more money, but every year, I fail myself. This is a very cool little challenge to get yourself saving money, and without too much hassle. Who wouldn’t want an extra $1,378 in their pocket at the end of the year? If you are saving for a vacation, or even for Christmas. Give it a go!

If like me, you will struggle to do this every week – why not reverse the order of the amounts you save?

How To Make Chalkboard Paint Dipped Wine Glasses

This is a really cool idea if you want to have a super fun party glass idea rather than your typical gold rimmed or all glass wine glasses. It is really easy to do and Deb simply headed to the dollar store and purchased eight wine glasses.

You can achieve a straighter paint edge by simply adding some tape to the area that you would like it to cut off. This is really fun!

How to Saber Champagne

Sabering is something that is used for opening a bottle of champagne, usually some form of ceremonial occasion. However we don’t all have a saber (or a champagne blade) available to do this technique properly. You can do this with something that many of us do have, a butter knife (we have also seen this done with the base of a wine/champagne glass, too).

It’s a really cool party trick, and once you know how to do it, it’s remarkably easy.

How To Make Your Own Sock Monkey

These sock monkeys are really cute and an absolute must try. Made from just one pair of socks (clean are the best) and a few other little bits for the detail.

With the brilliant step by step photography you can make your very own sock monkey. They are very cool little gifts on a very small budget, and a lot more personalized.

How To Make Homemade Flour Tortillas

I love tortillas and these ones are absolutely perfect. I used to buy my tortillas at the store as it is such a convenience but since finding this recipe I have never looked back.

It’s a really easy recipe, and Chris has written very clear instructions for you all to follow. As they are aptly named the ‘Best Ever’ you’ll never buy them from the store again!

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

Spiders are (relatively) harmless, but not everybody wants a nest of spiders in their house. I’m sure like me, you see one and get ready to move it, the spider suddenly disappears never to be found and you have that feeling that it is there..somewhere! But without hurting or killing the spiders, how can you keep them out of your home?

This list has compiled nine natural ways that you can keep spiders out of your home.

How to Prevent Apple Slices From Browning

Apples are a delicious ready to go snack, but I prefer my apple sliced rather than eating it whole. However, like many I find the slices start to turn brown which is very unappealing.

I had been looking for a way to prevent this for quite some time, and it seems there is a very simple way to stop this from happening!

How To Make Naturally Flavored Water

It’s January and plenty of you are probably trying to give up those unhealthy sodas and sugar filled beverages. If like me you aren’t a huge fan of plain old water this is perfect for you. There are five amazing recipes showing you how to make your very own naturally flavored water.

Monica has ditched her beloved Dr. Pepper and replaced it with the much healthier option. They look refreshingly delicious. Pick up these cool mason drinking jars with straws and get started!

How To Heat A Room Using Just Tea Lights & Flowerpots For $0.12 Per Day

Did you know that using only four tea lights and two flower pots you can heat a small room for $0.12c a day? This is an absolutely fantastically ingenious idea that allows you to do so. Using the process of convection heat transfer, this enables you to pump out hot air.

This is a great idea for the colder nights/months that you want to keep a small room warm without the added cost to your bills.

How To Make A Duct Tape Wallet

Duct tape wallets have got a lot more popular over the years for both adults and kids. Usually they are in the standard grey/silver duct tape such as the Ducti Wallet – but why not make a customized wallet of your choice?

There are many ways to make them, but using Angry Birds or Mario duct tape as in this tutorial instead of your standard duct tape is very cool. Give it a go and show us what tape you decided on!